What it’s like to Live in Los Angeles During the Lockdown/Social Distancing

I live in Los Angeles, and ever since social distancing and the lockdown were put into place, it’s been a pretty different city. Of course the pandemic has been tragic in many ways. We’ve all experienced a range of emotions. It’s been scary, weird, thrilling, depressing, bizarre and upsetting, to say the least. A roller coaster ride, with each new day packed with more “Breaking News.”

In any horrible situation, I always look for any silver linings. One of the silver linings here in Los Angeles is the lack of traffic. Even before we were ordered to stay at home, there was minimal to no traffic at all, which felt pretty surreal considering it’s usually the exact opposite here at any given time. I’m not complaining about it either. It’s been a nice change of pace in that regard. Less traffic means less fuel. Less fuel means less pollution. Less pollution equals less smog. Less smog equals one helluva sky. It feels like the way I’d imagine LA to feel in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Along those lines, we’re giving the planet a much needed break from humanity. It feels like Mother Nature finally put her foot down and forced us all to pause. A reset. She has been working so hard for us as we have progressively destroyed her, so I‘m glad She’s getting a rest. Nature is showing us how beautiful she is. I read there were dolphins swimming in the Venice Canals! And for the first time in a long while, I can see the stars at night in Los Angeles. I’d say that’s the most noticeable difference here in LA — the air quality. It feels cleaner, fresher, and clearer outside. I wish it didn’t have to take a pandemic in order to give the planet a break.

Not only have the roads been quieter, but the overall feeling in the air is stiller, quieter, and subdued. In a way it’s more relaxing since you can’t feel all the hustle & bustle, but you can feel the worry and sadness at times as well. As an empath — meaning I’m extremely sensitive to energy — I definitely notice the difference. In fact, I’ve been able to focus much better and get much more done. I’ve been the most productive I’ve been in the past six months over the past week and a half. Because I’m so sensitive to energy, it’s more difficult for me to focus when things are chaotic. Especially during rush hour. That’s the worst, even if I’m at home and alone.

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