Full NFL stadiums this fall? Don’t count on it, Newsom says

President Donald Trump may want the NFL season to start on time, but as he urges California to dig in for a long fight against the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom says don’t count on seeing stadiums packed with football fans in September.

“I’m not anticipating that happening in this state,” Newsom said when asked Saturday whether he would allow NFL games with tens of thousands of fans in attendance when the season is scheduled to begin.

According to ESPN, Trump told the commissioners of several pro sports leagues Saturday that he believes the NFL season should start as scheduled this fall, and that he hopes to have fans back in arenas and stadiums by August and September.

Newsom said has heard questions about when sports could return from athletes and team officials. But even if efforts to contain COVID-19 show success in the coming months, Newsom said he would not want to move too quickly to allow big public gatherings, lest it lead to a resurgence of the deadly virus.

“I’m not here to second-guess anybody,” Newsom said. “But I am here to say this: Our decision on that basis, at least here in the state of California, will be determined by the facts, will be determined by the health experts, will be determined by our capacity to meet this moment, bend the curve and have the appropriate community surveillance and testing to confidently determine whether or not that’s appropriate.

“Right now I’m just focusing on the immediate, but that is not something I anticipate happening in the next few months,” Newsom said.

Check back for updates.

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