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In a food-focused city like Los Angeles, selecting a favorite restaurant is nearly impossible. Food trucks, corner stands, strip mall dives, fast-casual options, and upscale dining lingers around every single corner. With so many options, the exercise of finding something to explore can be overwhelming. Then you stumble across a gem like Breva Restaurant and you remember why you love the search for the perfect meal in the first place. Of all the meals I had last year, this was my favorite. For that, they are easily my Top Spot of 2019.

The Stage: Breva Restaurant sits on the first floor of Hotel Figueroa near LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. Modern, clean, simple, and sophisticated are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe the space. For us, we took it all in from the comfort of the bar. Arriving well before our reservation time, we sipped cocktails and found relief from the week that was before being invited into the restaurant.

The Food: For a starter, we ordered the Fig Style Spinach Dip with Parmigiano-Reggiano, Artichoke Hearts and Chips. The dip was smooth, creamy, and demanded to be devoured. When there are two people, you’re supposed to evenly split the appetizer. Well, this stuff was so good, I am afraid there might have been a 60–40% split in my favor.

For my main course, I ordered the 18oz Ribeye with Truffle Pomme Puree, Braised Cipollini Onions and Herb Salad. The steak was cooked to absolute perfection. In fact, if it would have agreed to a prenuptial agreement, I would have tried to marry it. The puree, onions, and salad didn’t distract from the flavor of the beef but intensified it. I don’t know about the rest of the menu, but this steak demands to be eaten.

The Service: Being a hip, modern, and cool restaurant meant we were served by hip, modern, and cool servers. Some of these people looked like they were torn straight out of a magazine, coated in tattoos, and trained in excellent service; which was more than fine by me.

The Price: For two people, we paid about $180. A bottle of wine on the expensive side did increase the price of the meal but given the occasion and the company, I didn’t mind.

The Takeaway: Breva Restaurant was built for date night. The venue is modern, sleek, and inviting. The food is plated superbly and inventive. The service was everything you would expect from this sort of venue. The price begs for a special occasion. Now, find yourself a special occasion.

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